New digital bitcoin ATMs

Business Owners Now have a choice to enter the bitcoin ATM industry for the first time since inception.
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New digital bitcoin ATM for businesses

C4C LLC.- Incorporated in Austin, Tx. USA has partnered with the infamous “Bitcoin Brothers” the Creators of Netcoins. C4C LLC is the First and Only company granted 'white label' franchise ownership rights to the Netcoins platform, offered exclusively in Canada. Joining the Netcoins 7,000+ network of digital bitcoin ATMs. C4Cs innovative services are now the preferred choice for businesses that want to earn an extra income selling bitcoins. A sensible  alternative that until now simply was not available.

It's only a matter of time...

Bridging the gap for retailers, wanting to earn extra income by Selling bitcoin. Let's dig deeper into the added value HERE:

FREE merchant accounts are set-up in minutes, Easy integration

Easy user interface.  Agents need no prior knowledge of bitcoin

NO Start-up cost (I know, hard to believe,? but it’s True)

NO calculable Risk, accounts can be funded in USD, and remain in USD until time of purchase.*

Compatible with most current POS systems

Easily transform any ‘Smart’ device into a virtual bitcoin ATM instantly

Developed to complete entire transaction in under 3 minutes.

3%-7% markup, can be set at your stores individual request, ensures the end users competitive rates

FREE In-Store ‘Promo Kit‘ with every account.

FREE online listing of your new bitcoin ATM, on major sites,

Press Release on C4C Blog, contingency advertising plan included

Improving an established to be profitable bitcoin ATM industry

C4C LLC is Registered with the US Treasury and with FinCEN as a digital bitcoin ATM service provider. C4C LLC is licensed in the State of Texas and operates as a money service business (msb).

Creating a worry free sand-boxed environment, ensuring that your New bitcoin ATM business is operating within the  legal limitations, and always 100% in full compliance with all US federally mandated regulations.

**Our No B.S.100% 'Satisfaction guarantee' to our agents eliminates the need for 'term length' contracts, while ensuring all agents of C4C LLC.  that the rare and unheard of scenario, where a bitcoin ATM fails to sell any fraction of a bitcoin, Upon the cancellation of the account businesses are entitled a Full Refund, No questions asked. Again, this scenario has yet to be the case.

* Accounts are funded in USD and remain in USD until time of purchase. It's not until the exact time of sell of the bitcoins, C4C digital services get to work. Our technology is capable of executing live trades, In real time  USD/BTC. Average transaction time remains under 3 minute mark, as designed. 

**Funded  accounts remain in USD on Our private servers. Theoretically all but eliminating any monetary Risk associated with bitcoins volatility, and safe from hackers stealing account funds.

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